Questions for Atheists and Christians

Questions for Atheists

  1. Why is there something rather than nothing?  Where did all of this matter and energy come from?

  2. Is the rational intelligibility of the universe an indicator that there is a powerful and rational intelligence behind it?

  3. How is it that the laws of physics and chemistry drive featureless matter to life, consciousness and intelligence?  How can a universe of mindless matter produce beings with intrinsic ends, reason, and memory?

  4. What weight do you give to the anthropic argument?  Were the laws of physics “written” by God, but fine tuned so that we could exist?

  5. What would have to occur (or to have occurred) to constitute for you a reason to at least consider the existence of a superior mind?

  6. What would have to occur for you to reconsider the possibility that Christianity is true?

  7. At least seventy percent of adult humans today believe in some sort of god or gods.   Do you have an explanation for this?

  8. How do you explain the fact that there are well documented cases of hundreds of people simultaneously seeing a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary?

Questions for Christians

This list is limited to Christians who take the Bible to contain essential truth, but not always literal truth.

  1. How do you explain that Jesus never returned, within one lifetime of his death, as promised and/or expected in passages found in 13 of the 27 NT books, including the gospels and letters of Paul?

  2. Why does a loving, all knowing and all-powerful God allow all that suffering of human beings from natural disasters, diseases and accidents?

  3. How can a loving god predestine only some people to be saved; what happens to all the others who are not saved, despite their faith and good works?

  4. If God is a ‘loving God’, why should anyone pray  “Lord have mercy on us.” ?
    Why should anyone fear a loving God?

  5. Is the claim that Christianity is a “source of objective morality” credible?  There are many arguments against this.  For example, slavery was accepted and never condemned anywhere in the Bible.

  6. Did you ever compare Christianity to Islam, to decide which one is right?
    I don’t see any basis for believing one revealed religion over another.  If you happened to have been born into a devout Muslim family, instead of a Christian family, what religion would you likely belong to now?   Are both religions true?

  7. If Jesus was fully God, then why did he espouse the false theory that illness and medical problems are caused by sin or evil spirits?  We don’t believe it – why did he?

  8. The bible story does not reveal a more complete picture of one god as history goes on.  It keeps changing the story so the narrow YHWH, the vengeful god of Israel only, is changed into St. Paul’s version: the loving god of everyone.  Why believe in a revealed story which changed so much?